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Kigurumi Unicorn Pink


26.5 GBP


15.99 GBP


Size chart

S - height 145 - 159 cm

M - height 160 - 169 cm

L - height 170 - 179 cm

XL - height 180 - 189 cm 


Kigurumi Unicorn Pink is one of the most girlish and delicate pajamas presented on our website. Light pastel colors make this model light and marshmallow.
A beautiful muzzle with big kind eyes and a relief horn give the impression of a sweet and kind fairy-tale hero, and a gentle mane and tail add a special comfort to pajamas.

Kigurumi Unicorn Pink is a real find, created for the most comfortable, but beautiful pastime.u will look like a cute plush toy.

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